Strawberry, peach & raspberry bursting bubbles for fizz! Add these strawberry, peach and raspberry bubbles to your fizz for a burst of fruity flavour! Our bursting bubbles consist of a flavourless jelly-like shell containing natural fruit juices. They are formed using a technique called ‘spherification’ and come suspended in an equivalent fruit juice mixture to keep them fresh. Simply add a drained teaspoonful of bubbles to any drink, and enjoy them burst with fruity flavour when bitten or squeezed with the tongue! The bubbles remain intact until they are sipped or sucked up with the drink. If your drinks are super fizzy, you can watch them slowly dance their way to the top of the glass and can then sip from the top. Some bubbles rise and some will fall so use your recyclable paper straws to get them all!
Made in United Kingdom

Fruity Bubbles: Pimp Your Prosecco